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NZ 4×4 Treks has just gained access to a great range of new tracks and exciting new locations in Otago and Southland.

A brand new itinerary with exclusive access to one of the South Island’s most remote High Country Stations.

On this 5 day trip you get to stay on the station for 3 days and experience station life first hand. Stay in the historic 100 year old homestead, share a meal with the Station Owners and find out what it’s really like to live in such an amazing location.

Bookings for 2021 season opened in July and have been that busy that we are putting on extra trips, click here to contact us about this new tour.

NZ 4×4 Treks goes International – Mongolia Expedition

Mongolia is the World’s least populated country. This fascinating location is unspoiled and the contrasts in scenery are unrivaled.

From the beautiful rolling steppes and lakes in the North, to the stunning colours of the Gobi Desert (including 12,000 ft mountain ranges and sand dunes over 1,000 ft high) in the South, Mongolia will captivate you at every turn.

All in a country where there are no fences or restrictions on where you can explore.

“It is the only place in the World that I know of where your 4WD convoy can travel side by side on the multi tracked routes up to a kilometre apart.” Steve Beston

Here is an excerpt from Day 2 of our 2021 itinerary: See our full itinerary here

Ulaanbaatar to Baga Gazaryn Chuluu ( 260 Km )

Our Route today follows the main Highway due South from Ulaanbaatar for approximately 200km, then turns due West for a 60km off road run to our Ger Camp at Baga Gazaryn Chuluu.

This is a very pretty location of pristine green valleys nestled amongst unusual rock outcrops located in Delgertsogt sum, Dundgovi province and surrounded by plain. The highest outcrop is a 15 km long and 10 km wide granite stone mountain elevated at 1768m above sea level. There are over 20 kinds of medical herbs, like burnet, to be found here and many kinds of wild animals such as marmot, ibex and mountain sheep. After getting acquainted with our first Ger Tent, we will head out and explore this fascinating landscape.