Himalayan Expedition 2022

Come with us and explore the greatest Mountain Range in the World, the mighty Himalayas.

“From one of India’s most fascinating cities, Delhi will provide an unimaginable contrast as we journey to our base for this expedition, the romantic city of Leh. At 11,300ft, Leh is nestled in the Indus Valley and surrounded by the jaw dropping mountain terrain of the North Western Himalayas.

From Leh  we will cross the Khardung La at 18,380ft, the highest motorable pass in the world and explore one of the truly remote regions left on our planet, the Nubra Valley. This is home to the impossibly blue lakes of Pangong Tso and Tsomoriri, the impressive monasteries clinging to steep mountain cliffs and alpine villages where the Tibetan descendants live a fascinating way of life, surviving in one of the most inhospitable climates in the world.”

The Himalayas are the earth’s most amazing geological formation. They are the result of the drift of the continents, more specifically the collision of the Indian Tectonic Plate pushing up from the South to slide under the Eurasian Plate in the North. Initial volcanic activity many eons ago preceding the plate movement formed the initial mountain ranges. The main central thrust 12 million years ago, together with final tectonic boosts 600,000 years ago, caused the Himalayas to rise up to the staggering heights that you will get to see on this trip and formed what are the most spectacular diversity of geological formations found anywhere on this stunning planet of ours .

This is a fully catered 15 day Tour. Your tour fee includes all accommodation; all meals; one vehicle per couple with driver for 10 days while in the Himalayas; internal flights (Delhi – Srinagar, Leh – Delhi); airport transfers to hotels in Delhi, Srinagar, and Leh; interstate border and internal checkpoint fees; New Zealand guide for the duration of the trip and local guide for 8 days; starter pack; Shikara boat trip and half day tour in Srinagar; half day tour in Delhi.

Himalayas Itinerary 2022

Day 1Arrive Delhi. Pre–arranged transfers will bring you to your hotel for that night, chill out with a nice meal after a long flight and look forward to tomorrows flight to Srinagar in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Day 2Fly to Srinagar, Kashmir (Houseboat). In the foothills of the Himalayas we stay in an exquisitely carved houseboat on the tranquil Dahl Lake where Led Zeppelin wrote their “Kashmir” Album.

Boat trip on Dahl Lake in a traditional Shikara. Cruise through the floating shops laid back in your Shikara on comfortable cushions while your boatman skilfully paddles you along waterways. Experience the local way of life in this very peaceful part of the world, with birdlife such as eagles in abundance. 

Day 3Half day tour of the centuries old gardens on the Eastern shore of Dahl Lake. Then travel to Downtown Srinagar to visit the huge timber framed mosque and take in the sights and sounds of Kashmir as you wander through the local shops and markets.

Day 4Houseboat to Sonamarg. Transfer from your houseboat to the shore and meet with your driver who will guide you through the Himalayas in beautiful Kashmir and Ladakhfor the next 10 days. Head out for Sonamarg and your first night in the mountains.

Day 5Sonamarg to Kargil. Over the first mountain pass, the spectacular Zoji–La at 11,578ft. On the way we pass the village of Drass where the second coldest temperature ever was recorded, then on through the site of the 1999 Pakistan infiltration before reaching our Hotel and a well deserved meal in the alpine town of Kargil.

Day 6Kargil to Rangdum. Today we head into one of the World’s most beautiful vistas, the Suru Valley with it’s numerous small alpine villages. The Greater Himalayan Mountains is on one side and the mighty Zanskar range on the other. Just North of the charming village of Parkachick we get our first view of the snow covered Nun and Khun peaks rising a spectacular 23,408 Ft and so close you feel you can almost touch them. We continue to the head of the Suru Valley to the amazing location of the Rangdum Gompa (Gompa is the local word for Monastery or Temple) where we will spend our first night in one of the Himalaya’s charming Homestays and a chance to meet with the local people.

Day 7 – We head for the Penzi – La Pass, 14,435Ft above sea level to view the impressive Drang Drung Glacier surrounded by 20,000ft snow covered peaks. At the top of the pass is a charming Tarn (Alpine Lake) where Marmots live in abundance. We have a chance to photograph these charming animals, which look a bit like an otter. From the Penzi – La we look down on the headwaters of the Suru River at the same height as Mt Cook!

Day 8Rangdum to Kargil. We head back down the Suru Valley with a chance to visit places seen on the way up the valley and get those photos you missed. A nice break to wander around Parkachik, meet the people and the kids in the village who will be fascinated by your presence in this remote part of the world.

Day 9Kargil to Leh. The well maintained West – East highway through the Western Himalayas, coffee and lunch stops in delightful alpine towns and crossing the Fotu – La and Namika – La Mountain Passes at 12,204ft and 13,479ft respectively, will be just a few of the highlights today. There are monasteries seemingly built in impossible locations on the edge of mountain precipices. The largest of the monasteries is Lamayaru, which we get to drive right through. Then on to the Basgo Fortress and the amazing and vast geological formations unique to this area, before arriving at our charming Tibetan style Hotel Shambhala in Leh. Tonight we are hosted by the delightfully articulate and well respected couple in the Leh community Mr and Mrs Narboo.

Day 10Leh.   A chance to relax and enjoy this lovely location, shop for all sorts of clothing, barter with the Kashmiri Traders who come to Leh to sell their handcrafted jewellery and sample the coffee shops (some of which have Wifi so you can update family at home).

Day 11Leh to Khardung La to Diskit. From Leh we head for the highest motorable Pass in the world at a staggering 18,350ft. A brief stop at the top to get the photo that proves you were there, then on down the other side with mind blowing views of the mountain villages and the entry into the massive Shyok Valley where our homestay for the night is with our local Guide’s Uncle, nestled into the peaceful village of Diskit.

Day 12Diskit and Shyok Valley. Visit the 183ft high Buddha, one of the largest of it’s kind, then head up the Shyok Valley to the sand dunes of Hundar and meet the Bactrian camels, one of the only places in the world where these camels have survived.

Day 13Diskit to Leh. Head back over the mighty Khardung La and marvel at the different perspective the return trip provides and a last chance to say goodbye to new found friends in Leh and stock up on last minute shopping or sample the culinary delights. The many and varied dishes date back to the heady trading days of the Silk Road with it’s mix of cultures creating this unique and enchanting mountain enclave.

Day 14 Leh to Delhi. Fly to Delhi, check in to Hotel and anticipate our last dinner in Delhi at a very charming restaurant, with top service and a great choice of exotic dishes on an impressive menu.

An evening to reflect on so many great experiences with new found friends and relax in the afterglow of a trip of a lifetime.

Day 15 Delhi. A half day tour of the ancient spice markets in the heart of Delhi is a great way to experience the very heart of this ancient city which for centuries has been a trading hub of Asia and a huge melting pot of diverse cultures and religions that produce this fascinating spectacle.

If you are interested to join us on our 4WD adventure in the Himalayas just call Steve on 021 924427 or Contact us here